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Jiangsu macro pu technology co., LTD

Jiangsu macro pu technology co., LTD. Is a company engaged in domestic urban public bike system technology research and development、Integration、Production、Operation of the service in the integration of high-tech enterprises。Public bicycle company has a full set of independent intellectual property rights system,Through the international、Double iot domestic product certification system,Dozens of patents of high quality, have been obtained,In the industry leading level。 Our company after years of exploration and practice,Based on the Internet of things platform technology,Successfully developed a new generation of no public bicycle parking technology,With a series of independent intellectual property rights。The technology can be Shared cycling with the public bicycle integration management,Core technology is the accuracy of two integrated vehicle parking,And in the developed cities gradually put into use。Including xinhua daily、People's Daily online、Jiangsu satellite TV, and other well-known media has also carried on the special report on our products,Get consistent high praise。 ...
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Science and technology leading the dream

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