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  Nickelodeon DE xuan furniture co., LTD,Is located in known as“Nine invertors Yang county,Clear drawing”The laudatory name of jiujiang city,Is a collection research and development、Design、Production、Sales、Service in a body specialized classical annatto furniture manufacturing enterprises,Company collected a batch of skillful craftsman has rich production experience,Have abundant annatto furniture design and production experience。    Nickelodeon DE xuan furniture co., LTD., mainly European、Suite、The living room、Arts and crafts series annatto furniture is given priority to,Jiujiang is the annatto furniture of annatto furniture factory home more powerful manufacturer,Its production suite、The living room、Arts and crafts series of annatto furniture sold around the country,By the broad masses of customer's favorite。Nickelodeon DE xuan furniture has always been adhering to the“Quality first”、“The customer is supreme”The aim of the。Wholeheartedly with each...

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